Téa and the Pond


The Pool

The party comes upon a small pool in an open patch of land.  On the edge of the pool 12′ tall carving of a gianthead comes out of the ground.  Out of the mouth of the Giant Head a continuous waterfall runs falls 5′ into the pool keeping the waters active.

The water is drinkable. Actually very refreshing.  If they linger at the pools edge, they might have the pool ripple.  If they are very perceptive they might hear a tiny deep chuckle as if someone was being tickled 50 feet underground.  If they enter the pool the earth will shake anyone near the pool needs to roll dexterity or fall in. The water is harmless, but if you don’t know how to swim, you might lose your breath or start choking, especially heavily armored individuals.

Téa emerges from the Wood

Any one who is observing the surrounding woods has a chance at getting a glimpse Téa. She could appear in one location in one instant, then very soon after in a totally different place.  Observers may think that she is  She appears in a form similar to a young woodland elf. Téa has a bright aura making it hard to really get a good view of her features.

Eventually she ventures out to meet the party in the form of a small elven female.

If the party draws weapons they will have to save for spells or she will make the individual believe that their weapon has turned into a creature that they fear.

She addresses the party “I will give you my name and I will know yours. You shall call me Téa and give me the news that brings you to this grove.”

At some point she forms her hands into prayer slightly bows and throws her arms high above her head. The ground shakes. The head statue closes it’s mouth and the water fall stops.  It starts to rise out of the ground, the pond uprights and spills it’s contents (including any heros) – Roll Dexterity for small damage.  As the head rises, you can see shoulders, a torso appears from what used to be the pond and legs rise underneath the humanoid figure that is covered in moss and small plants. The creature stands at least 60 feet tall.

The party stands amazed, gathers itself from any toppling that they took part in.

The figure sits down cross legged and lowers it’s hand for TéaShe sits on the hand and the creature brings her up to his lap. She hands the creature a flower.

She sternly warns the party they are out of their depth. She encourages the party to forget this quest and go mine gems from a nearby cave .. she lights the way through the woods.  She can sweeten the offer however she needs to see if she can flip one party member.  She questions the quest they are on and ask how they know that they are doing it for heroic reasons. She questions if the quest giver was of the upmost reliability.

When the party decides that they will continue their quest Téa leaves everything vanishes – the golem, the pool, etc.. leaving only the open land.  The entire party feels re-freshened as if they had had the best night sleep, they are clean and feel bathed, and invigorated for the rest of the day.



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