Torlynn Redux – Wrap Up 1/12/18


Keomi at the Monastery. 1200 xp

  • Suspense of the Spider – Hang upside down and wait for your prey.
  • Water Spider – Walk across the water with quickness and balance.
  • Iron Body – Take blows, break bricks (recover from critical head injury), shatter stone
  • Dance of the Spider – Collaborative dance on pilings.
  • Iron Eggs – Take multiple kicks to the groin.
  • Seek no honor and humbly serve KeomiĀ  BONUS: 200 XP

Keomi traveling to Petty Kingdoms 250 xp

  • Aid the Baron of Fruitlessville and attempt to make him a leader.
  • Travel through the high mountains to the South East of the Petty Kingdoms
  • Survive the Bedrohlich Swamp
  • Return from the Dead upon meeting your old friend Bernardo

Total: 1650 xp

Rohan Kinsley

Help Protect Torlynn from a wandering band of Orcs – 500 xp

Build a Shrine to the Lord of Light 400 xp

  • Find a reliable supply of stone
  • Research a spell that will help you work long hours

Receive visits from your 3 Messengers 400 xp

  • Recognize your own Valor and head to Barriks Keep
  • Know the limits of your own Wisdom and find friends to help (Cypher)
  • Remove the False profit from the Torlynn Market BONUS 200 xp

Total: 1500 xp


Help Protect Torlynn from vagabond Orcs – 500 xp

Avoid Battle of the Bards – 200 xp

Spend 3 nights in a Crow’s Cage – 150 xp

Deliver Rohan’s Letter to the Ministry of Light in Isadora – 200 xp

Turn down the offer to help the Duke – 100 xp

Accept a dance and the offer from the DuchessĀ  – 200 xp

Allowing the DM to put you in the Crow’s Cage even with a quality disguise – BONUS: 200 xp

Return from the Dead upon meeting your old friend Keomi – 100 xp

Total: 1650 xp


Help Defend Torlynn from ugly Orcs +500 xp

  • Practice outstanding Crowd Control, Flash Bang, Burning Hands, Sleep from the tower: BONUS: +200 xp

Join the Thieves Guild +250 xp

Plot the theft of the Ioun Stones from the Gem Trader Theruse +250 xp

Free Jes and Bernardo from the Crows Cages (Burning Feet Diversion) +100 xp

Successfully complete the Ioun Stone heist +400 xp

  • Cover Blown: Theruse will recognize you as the thief -100 xp

Total: 1600 xp

Fenn Ackerley

Help Safeguard Torlynn from marauding Orcs +500 xp

  • Persistence with the animal form, disabling then dispatching an orc as a war dog BONUS: 100 xp

Help perform the sacred ritual of Initiation: 350 xp

  • Quality Audio work on the voice over BONUS: 100 xp

Speak with Entwise 500 xp

  • Learn about past, present, future tense.
  • Observe the slowing of time while speaking with the Ent.
  • Begin to understand the layering of messaging from the great tree

Total 1550 xp


Help Secure Torlynn from the stinking Orcs +500 xp

  • Exploding Nat 20 to send an arrow through the eye on one orc out the back of his head and into the carotid artery of the Orc Behind BONUS: 200 xp

Total 700 xp