Wrap Up 1/12/18: Torlynn Redux


Keomi at the Monastery. 1200 xp

  • Suspense of the Spider – Hang upside down and wait for your prey.
  • Water Spider – Walk across the water with quickness and balance.
  • Iron Body – Take blows, break bricks (recover from critical head injury), shatter stone
  • Dance of the Spider – Collaborative dance on pilings.
  • Iron Eggs – Take multiple kicks to the groin.
  • Seek no honor and humbly serve Keomi  BONUS: 200 XP

Keomi traveling to Petty Kingdoms 250 xp

  • Aid the Baron of Fruitlessville and attempt to make him a leader.
  • Travel through the high mountains to the South East of the Petty Kingdoms
  • Survive the Bedrohlich Swamp
  • Return from the Dead upon meeting your old friend Bernardo

Total: 1650 xp

Rohan Kinsley

Help Protect Torlynn from a wandering band of Orcs – 500 xp

Build a Shrine to the Lord of Light 400 xp

  • Find a reliable supply of stone
  • Research a spell that will help you work long hours

Receive visits from your 3 Messengers 400 xp

  • Recognize your own Valor and head to Barriks Keep
  • Know the limits of your own Wisdom and find friends to help (Cypher)
  • Remove the False profit from the Torlynn Market BONUS 200 xp

Total: 1500 xp


Help Protect Torlynn from vagabond Orcs – 500 xp

Avoid Battle of the Bards – 200 xp

Spend 3 nights in a Crow’s Cage – 150 xp

Deliver Rohan’s Letter to the Ministry of Light in Isadora – 200 xp

Turn down the offer to help the Duke – 100 xp

Accept a dance and the offer from the Duchess  – 200 xp

Allowing the DM to put you in the Crow’s Cage even with a quality disguise – BONUS: 200 xp

Return from the Dead upon meeting your old friend Keomi – 100 xp

Total: 1650 xp


Help Defend Torlynn from ugly Orcs +500 xp

  • Practice outstanding Crowd Control, Flash Bang, Burning Hands, Sleep from the tower: BONUS: +200 xp

Join the Thieves Guild +250 xp

Plot the theft of the Ioun Stones from the Gem Trader Theruse +250 xp

Free Jes and Bernardo from the Crows Cages (Burning Feet Diversion) +100 xp

Successfully complete the Ioun Stone heist +400 xp

  • Cover Blown: Theruse will recognize you as the thief -100 xp

Total: 1600 xp

Fenn Ackerley

Help Safeguard Torlynn from marauding Orcs +500 xp

  • Persistence with the animal form, disabling then dispatching an orc as a war dog BONUS: 100 xp

Help perform the sacred ritual of Initiation: 350 xp

  • Quality Audio work on the voice over BONUS: 100 xp

Speak with Entwise 500 xp

  • Learn about past, present, future tense.
  • Observe the slowing of time while speaking with the Ent.
  • Begin to understand the layering of messaging from the great tree

Total 1550 xp


Help Secure Torlynn from the stinking Orcs +500 xp

  • Exploding Nat 20 to send an arrow through the eye on one orc out the back of his head and into the carotid artery of the Orc Behind BONUS: 200 xp

Feeding the Beast +700 xp

After the orcs were defeated Pines apologized to Burgomaster Decoy that he had to leave, but he had some business elsewhere that required immediate attention. He then traveled to visit the Witch that lived south of Freehold hoping that she might be able to give him a way to stop the curse.  She said that she didn’t have the magic to stop the curse, but that she had some herbs that could keep the wolf from being permanently transformed.  She gave to him a small vial of aconite with instruction to take it on the morning of the full moon and again when he awoke from transformation.  She only had a small amount, 3 or 4 treatments, the tincture is made from the stamens of the flowers that prevalent in the grasslands of the Free Lands but only blooms for a few days in early spring. Before he left the witch issued a stern warning to be very careful with the Aconite, it could kill him instantly if not exactly prescribed.

Dearth then traveled North and visited with Bejorn where he warned him not to hunt in the Dark Wood around the turn of the moon. Worried for Freya’s safety he acted aloof and distracted when she made a point of sitting near him during the dinner Bejorn insisted he stay for before he continued North.

Dearth spent the next three months in the woods studying the orcs and learning their habits, killing them if they ventured too close to the Free Folk.  Leading up to each full moon he would set traps and lure large groups of Orcs into the deeper wilds where he would be ready to prey on them should the urge hit him.

Month 1

Pines dispatches 20 Orcs before the beast is fed.  He struggles back to small lean-to where he takes a few days to recover and survives the Aconite that he spiked his mushroom stew with (rolled 90).

Month 2

A storm rages overhead on the night of the full moon and Dearth does not transform (5 on d20).

Month 3

Another month passes without the Wolf desiring to be fed (2 of d20)

Total 1400 xp

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