The Congress at New Torlynn

The Elm Tree Inn. On the bank of the Crystal River. Inn Keeper Xigmad is always ready with a hearty stew, a stout ale and tale of adventure.

The Feast:  Xigmad has invited the heroes of Torlynn to a feast to mark the grand opening of The Elm Tree Inn. He’s butchered six goats and openeda cask of ale that he set to brew when he first came to New Torlynn.  The food is hearty. The company is good.  Orm and Erik arrive late to the dinner and explain that they could not find Pines to deliver the message that he was requested in New Torlynn. Freya had traveled into the Dark Wood where she usually can find him, stayed for a few days but Pines was no where to be found.  She told Erick that it was not unheard of for him to disappear around the full moon and says she would know if he was in real trouble.

Battle of the Bards: As the dinner is winding down Xigmad jumps up on the table and says and now for some entertainment !  “You there scrawny looking Bard — I challenge you to a Battle of the Bards !”  The entertainment was raucous and lively and at the end of the mock competition, Xigmad congratulated Bernardo and told him he was welcome to join him in song any time he was in town.

Presentation of the Quest: Eventually Fumwa stands and gets the attention of the table.

I suppose I ought to tell you all why I wanted you all here and I’m afraid I cannot delay this any further. I believe the news is grave and there are few that I can find who will listen.  The River Kingdoms are growing fat and forgetting about the ancient horrors that used to roam this land.  Deep in the chambers below the Commandry Abbey the followers of the Lord of Light have for centuries locked away, buried, and when possible destroyed countless evil relics that we have been able to find, buy or steal. Some of these items have begun to become active. Some have just unearthed themselves, a very few have found their way out of our control and been found in the hands of rogues and pirates in the great city of Isadora. Someone is calling to these evil creations. Something far worse than Orcs must have found it’s way back into our lands.

Most of the relics that are coming back to life were acquired more than 500 years from a rogue who told us they came from the caverns under a tower. He described the tower as a 6 magnificent white spires reaching many stories into the air and poised on top of a mountain that was nearly impossible to climb.  When the relics started appearing we searched for any information we had on this tower and came a cross a very old painting and a caption that took our best linguists to decipher.  It says, “Where the Eastern Range Meets the Southern Shores, with peaks insurmountable Bahl reigns supreme.”

With further digging in our libraries we found a few tidbits about who we believe to be the Evil Wizard Bahl, he specialized in Necromancy and had legions of unholy creatures at his command.  Our church was in it’s infancy when his influence over the lands was the greatest and all our records come from a Monk named Tarsals Hitch.  He evidently had a set of scrolls that Bahl wanted dearly because they spoke of an evil far more insidious than him and the fear was should he discover the names of the evil he would be able to bring it back to serve him. We need to know if Bahl has returned.  We need to know if he found the scrolls. We fear that more evil has come to our lands and we need to extinguish it. Do what you can, find his tower, search for the scrolls, destroy as much of his evil as you can.

Bring us back proof so that we can convince the powers that we need to fight against this evil.

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