Wrap up 1/19/18: Fire Swamp: Act 1, Scene 1, Take 2

Fire Swamp: Act 1, Scene 1, Take 2

Wrap up of the journey to Bahl’s Tower – January 19th, 2018

Cockatrice Pair Everyone 200 xp

  • Using Lore & Using know enemy. Evading the nesting pair. Fenn intercedes when Bernardo was prepared to attack.
    • Kingsley 50 xp Fenn 200 xp

Lightning Sand Everyone 100 xp

  • Bravery, Self Sacrifice – Bernardo 200 xp – Keomi 100 xp

Cockatrice Juveniles ( 3 dead – 2 elected to keep their distance ) Everyone 400 xp

  • Man on watch, thorough analysis of the threat before raising the alarm Thalmas 100 xp
  • Moving side to side and barking to distract the Cockatrice, Fenn in his war dog form takes one for the team.
    • The transformation from War Dogs form healed Fenn and boosted his constitution momentarily keeping the barbed quills from the cockatrices tail from immediately burrowing directly into his skin.
    • Bernardo .. well you’ve heard the tale, he saved Fenn from petrification. Bernardo 300 xp

Flame Spurts & ROUS’ ( 7 Dispatched in Epic Fashion – note to self, Ask Kinsley which is harder to remove from your armor, sand or rat fleshEveryone 200 xp

  • Bernardo finishes the scene grapples the ROUS and rolls it onto the flame spurt Bernardo 300 xp
  • Fenn brings down the lightening, DM wonders at the extreme power of the spell, healthy rule review ensues, and everyone gets a refresher about ROUNDS = 1 minute, and TURNS = 10 minutes.  Fenn 200 xp Kingsley 50 xp Bernardo 50 xp

Téa & The Pond

  • Thalmas on Watch – thoroughly investigates the humanoid in the woods  Thalmas 100 xp
  • Kingsley constant approach to children, “Are you in need of assistance”  Kingsley 50 xp
  • Verbalization of the realization that you may actually be out of your depth and your quest giver is not really known to any of you.  Kingsley 200 xp
  • Not taking the Easy Path to wealth Everyone 200 xp

Worg Riders Attack ( 1 Bugbear, 7 Worgs, 7 Goblins)  Everyone 250 xp

  • Man on Patrol immediately recognizes the threat and wakes the camp Keomi 100 xp
  • Keomi kills a Goblin with his Chi (Qi)  Keomi 100 xp


  • Transformation to a War Dog with the neck turning into scruff and fur emerging Fenn 200 xp
  • Training Day: Use of numerous different types of attacks and weaponry Thalmas 100 xp
  • Kingsley accepting his fate in the Lightning Sand ( No Dex Roll ) Kingsley 50 xp
  • For making camp, breaking camp, hunting, cooking, mending and removing all chore duty from the rest of the party Erick 200 xp Orm 200 xp


XP Totals:

Fenn Ackerly: 25693

Rohan Kingsley: 22148

Keomi: 9300

Bernardo: ~18000


Pines: 20252

Erick: 3200

Orm: 3200




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