Wrap Up 1/26/18: Goblins, Guards, & The Gruggle

Goblins, Guards, & The Gruggle

Wrap up January 26, 2018, Entering the tower and defeating the Zombie Lord

Reconnaissance 1

  1. Bernardo sets the scene through his spyglass.
  2. Fenn flies around as an Owl.

Ambush the Scouting Party

  1. The party is caught in a giant murdering hobo dilemma. Having gained superiority over Goblins and Hobgoblins the simple solution is to just slaughter and question until you get the information you can and dispatch the remains.  This conflict in the group leads to poor planning and poor results. The group attempts to come up with non-lethal solutions, but doesn’t quite get there. All (each) -500 xp

Reconnaissance 2

  1. Bernardo disguises as a Goblin and checks out the huts and the caves.
  2. Invisible Thalmas checks the back of the tower.

Approaching the Camp & Entering the Stone Pillar

  1. Bernardo as Disguised Goblin with sanctuaried Kingsley, Fenn in Cloak of Orcishness, and Invisible Thalmas enter the stone pillar.
  2. Keomi dispatches the Goblins.
  3. Orm and Erick observe at a safe distance.

DM Note: This campaign was very clunky because of my inexperience with giving the players options. The result was exactly what was needed for the story line and very much in context with what the fact that a fraction of a Goblin Army lost and starving is truly is no threat to your current quest or the things you hold dear and protect. Many more clues should’ve been given, but the main missing piece of the puzzle was that the Goblins and Orcs at the back of the pillar had strict orders to keep anything from coming out of the cave, and if they were overwhelmed to raise the alarm.  The absurdity of a goblin on a rope going into the Gruggle pit followed by a dead goblin floating on it’s own into the pit was enough for them to let slide a few extra humans heading into what they imagined was certain death.

For advancing the storyline, for realizing the Gruggle was a huge threat (not jumping into the pit), and getting past the guards without raising an immediate alarm.  All (each) 3500 xp

The Cave Grell

  1. Bernardo see the first set of Tentacles and Kingsley reels him in.  Kingsley 50 xp
  2. Keomi climbs around the dome avoiding the Grell, but loses a rope.  Keomi 50 xp
  3. Fenn comes up with a temporary solution, capping the Grell pit with a large disk made from Shape Stone.  Fenn 200 xp

The Puzzles

  1. Bernardo solves the puzzles. 200 xp

DM Note: These puzzles should’ve been better described as necessary to furthering your progress and more interactive for multiple characters to get involved.  DM will need to cast Stamina Spell instead of Cloudy Head Spell All 100 xp

The Zombie Lord

  1. Kingsley hopes to save 7 frozen adventures, is saddened to realize they are dead, but through circumstance saves his own party from a very dangerous situation Kingsley 200 xp
  2. Thalmas controls the threat advancing up the stairs Thalmas 200 xp
  3. 4 party members miss their saving throws, none roll 6 and die. DM 1000 xp
  4. Kingsley deals with strength loss, chooses to buff and remembers Strength of One doesn’t just have to be his strength on others Kingsley 100 xp
  5. Keomi turns tragedy into triumph. In tripping and falling he avoids the flaming mass of zombies on the stairs and removes the ranged and future threats culminating in a Stun / Kill attack. Keomi 300 xp
  6.  7 Dead Zombies, 1 Dead Zombie Lord All (each) 500 xp

Additional XP:

  1. 1/19/18 Fire Swamp: Thalmas buffs Kingsley at the beginning of the Cockatrice Battle: Thalmas 100 xp
  2. Finding the Weakness Spell. Bernardo 66.6 xp Sansegundo 66.6 xp Felipe 66.6 xp

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