Bahl’s Tapestry Room

Bahl’s Tapestry Room

This is part of an ongoing campaign ‘Mead and Monsters’.

On the walls of this room are 5 large tapestries 20′ tall x 10′ wide.

Tapestry 1: This Tapestry shows 5 wizards atop 5 tours. 1 wizard is controlling the weather. 1 wizard is controlling the creatures of the earth, 1 wizard is raising mountains and moving the seas. 1 wizard bringing forth forests of trees and great stretches of grass lands. 1 wizard is displayed larger than the rest and is raising up creatures from the underworld.

Tapestry 2: This tapestry shows the people of the three lands being driven out of the central land (freefolk) to the extremities of the East and the West.  Great battles rage at the Pinch and near Nie Faraian.

Tapestry 3: The third tapestry shows the 5 towers at war with each other. It shows the land of the Freefolk laid to waist as endless battles rage the towers of the other 4 wizards are at the beginning of crumbling and all the power is flowing towards Bahl’s tower.

Tapestry 4: Bahl sits in the center of this Tapestry controlling the weather, the land, the simple creatures of the earth, and legions of undead. They are challenged in only one small corner of the land. Mountains have been thrust up around a single giant tree in the shape of a bee hive, bees and bears are retreating into it.

Tapestry 5: This tapestry is only half-finished, from the direction the others were headed, you can determine that it is meant to depict Bahl commanding over all the lands, the fey and fell worlds, hades, and numerous outer planes.

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