Wrap Up 2/2/18: Ascending Bahl’s Tower

Ascending the Tower

Wrap up of February 2, 2018, the heroes ascend the tower find Bahl’s Laboratory, destroy the Orrery and free the Bees.

Experience points awarded are ‘for each’ and ‘ALL’ includes party members not present for this session.

Discover the History of Bahl

  • Decipher the Scenes in the Tapestry Room.  (Tapestry described in link) Kingsley, Fenn, Bernardo 350 xp

Lieutenant’s Secret Study

  • Persistence in the face of Red Herrings and obscurity Bernardo 300 xp
  • Watchful eye on the Bard Fenn 100xp

The Sculptures from Antiquity

  • Solve the puzzle of the missing clutches. Kingsley, Fenn, Bernardo 350 xp

The Glass Menagerie

  • Uncover Bahl’s obsession with hybridized and cross bred creatures.
  • Solve the mix and match puzzle. Kingsley, Fenn, and Bernardo 350 xp

Monster Totals

  • 2 Shadow Demons, 4 Convergent Shadows, 1 Shadow Caster, 3 Extinguishing Shadows Kingsley, Fenn, Bernardo, Orm, Erick 1250 xp

Completion of Major Quest given to the party by Fumwa during The Congress at New Torlynn: Do what you can, find his (Bahl’s) tower, search for the scrolls, destroy as much of his evil as you can. ALL 1000 xp

  • Found the tower (check)
  • Searched for the Scrolls (check) Kingsley 400 xp
  • Destroyed a ton of evil (check) Fenn 400 xp

New quest(s) given by Tarsal’s Hitch

The necromancer Bahl is no more, his evil magic will no longer twist this land and birth demons. No more shall the regal creatures that have walked this earth be woken from their restful sleep to serve in his dark plans. As I die here this day, I know my soul will find peace, but I regret that I was not able to completely rid this plane of Bahl’s terrifying influence. If you are reading this than you are pure of heart and here for a noble purpose. Do what I could not. Unlock Bahl’s evil contraption(check) and free the great tree Apiaris, find the beekeeper Ursamage.  They will know where I have hidden the stardust scrolls, you must destroy the scrolls before a new evil can rise to threaten this world.

And Now:

The party is very deep underground.  They were facing a high possibility of death when they destroyed the Orrery in the laboratory of the tower of the Necromancer Bahl.  The central tower collapsed in on itself. Much of the stone, wood, iron, and the complete contents of the central tower fell 1 km straight down a shaft that appeared to be smooth bored directly into the depths of the world. The party was falling with the debris, clutching on to stairs, and large chunks of floor.  The pieces of the tower continued to smash into each other and the sides of the mine shaft splintering as it fell.  The chunks of tower actively broke into smaller and smaller sections and hit the adventurers like shrapnel and crushed players between large pieces.  After having traveled 300 – 400 meters the players were plucked out the the air by giant bees that had been freed from their prison in the tower.  The bees fought mightily to slow the players’ decent by beating their wings at double speed until they found a protected ledge deep in the mine shaft on which they deposited the party.

The Giant Bees sped off down a large cave after depositing the party.   END SCENE

DM Notes:

#1 I need to give more obvious clues to continue the story. Why don’t you tell us the movie you want to see – Kramer

#2 Give clearer quests that don’t leave so much room for players to interpret. I will try to be more deliberate when quests are given, and try to give you more ability to ask questions of the quest givers.

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