Wrap Up 2/2/18: Ascending Bahl’s Tower

Ascending the Tower Wrap up of February 2, 2018, the heroes ascend the tower find Bahl’s Laboratory, destroy the Orrery and free the Bees. Experience points awarded are ‘for each’ and ‘ALL’ includes party members not present for this session. Discover the History of Bahl Decipher the Scenes in the Tapestry Room.  (Tapestry described in […]

Wrap Up 1/26/18: Goblins, Guards, & The Gruggle

Goblins, Guards, & The Gruggle Wrap up January 26, 2018, Entering the tower and defeating the Zombie Lord Reconnaissance 1 Bernardo sets the scene through his spyglass. Fenn flies around as an Owl. Ambush the Scouting Party The party is caught in a giant murdering hobo dilemma. Having gained superiority over Goblins and Hobgoblins the […]

Wrap Up 1/12/18: Torlynn Redux

Keomi Keomi at the Monastery. 1200 xp Suspense of the Spider – Hang upside down and wait for your prey. Water Spider – Walk across the water with quickness and balance. Iron Body – Take blows, break bricks (recover from critical head injury), shatter stone Dance of the Spider – Collaborative dance on pilings. Iron […]