Wrap Up 1/26/18: Goblins, Guards, & The Gruggle

Goblins, Guards, & The Gruggle Wrap up January 26, 2018, Entering the tower and defeating the Zombie Lord Reconnaissance 1 Bernardo sets the scene through his spyglass. Fenn flies around as an Owl. Ambush the Scouting Party The party is caught in a giant murdering hobo dilemma. Having gained superiority over Goblins and Hobgoblins the […]

Wrap Up 1/12/18: Torlynn Redux

Keomi Keomi at the Monastery. 1200 xp Suspense of the Spider – Hang upside down and wait for your prey. Water Spider – Walk across the water with quickness and balance. Iron Body – Take blows, break bricks (recover from critical head injury), shatter stone Dance of the Spider – Collaborative dance on pilings. Iron […]