Wrap Up 2/2/18: Ascending Bahl’s Tower

Ascending the Tower Wrap up of February 2, 2018, the heroes ascend the tower find Bahl’s Laboratory, destroy the Orrery and free the Bees. Experience points awarded are ‘for each’ and ‘ALL’ includes party members not present for this session. Discover the History of Bahl Decipher the Scenes in the Tapestry Room.  (Tapestry described in […]

Harold Hates Rats

Harold’s fathers raised chickens and made a comfortable living selling eggs in the market.  One thing Harold learned at an early age was that were there are chickens, there are bound to be rats.  Rats love eggs and feathers and scraps that the chickens leave behind. From an early age Harold was taught to hunt […]

Protected: Notes with Mike : December 24, 2017

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